About Us


Green Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to bring hope to needy schools and under-privilege communities through providing them with free and sustainable green technologies


Outreach every needy school and under-privilege community in Lebanon to provide sustainable power generation sources by designing and installing PV panels for free with the help of local and international donors

Core Values

  • Hope – Green Hope main core value is to bring hope for needy and under-privilege communities by improving their lives and transforming their communities into responsible green communities saving environment and people’s future.
  • Equality – Green Hope assures to provide its services equally and for all regions in Lebanon without any discrimination.
  • Partnership- Green Hope believes in partnership at all levels and in all dimensions and cooperation with all parties and stakeholders to achieve its goals.
  • Sustainability – Green Hope is committed to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Innovation – Green Hope strives to develop and create innovative solutions using green technologies to make progress in the communities towards sustainability goals.


  • Inspire and encourage community members, governments, NGO’s, and different organizations to have effective roles to transform the marginalized and under-privilege communities into responsible and sustainable communities.
  • Raise awareness towards sustainability practices through workshops, media, and public events.
  • Assess every needy school and under-privilege community all over Lebanon for energy and water demands, design renewable energy system, and install the best fit solution.
  • Secure funds as grants and donations from local and international donors to cover all expenses for the design and installation of green technologies.

Green Hope is operating under the auspices of Sabil Al Nour Organization - Registration No. 213/AD May 21, 1965.